Ode to the Family of Horror

The revenge in my heart 

Is crimson and black

Even though I am perturbed

By the verb that is the word

I was revitalized by the gods that had the ichor

That drained the gore

That is the lifeblood

Not in the guise of a slasher

Just deaths ever after

Not the voodoo

That changed what I do

But the apocalyptic disembowelment

That harvest the macabre creepy pasta of what others do

From the crone to the zombie, from the witch to the cannibal

Life’s own revenge is more amenable

And on Halloween Night

The Feast of Samhain

When sanguine psychos scream out in pain

Tormented they are from their torture

And the abattoir contained

Oozing and mutilated, grotesquely vomiting

Their shudders and burning scaphism

None should know of these things

But those exhumed from the crypt or the grave

But the antagonistic ghouls and their black hearts

Experience a vicissitude under the harvest moon

Like a stabbing from a scimitar

Though I do love the night and a fool moon

How atmospheric and spooky the tune

That comes with the gloaming

And demons, and ghosts, and clowns abound

As unnerving nightmares dancing and prowling around

Chains rattling, dread teeming copious amounts

As the abomination that was the sticky prowler

Was a legend amongst the paranoid collector of souls

And possession or exorcism, we all die in the end

To where we know not but it certainly impends

But the autopsy of the visceral phobias was cadaverous

In comparison to the abhorrent rot

That was a gothic romance of a homicide

The only answer to dance

Dance in the dark void

No mercy shown, no congress given

Scream into the blackness corpse

Exhume the monstrous sinister remorse

Fore dark brains wrought

Definite recourse

Bludgeon and poison the paranormal

Exhaust the norm

Finality is our chaos

Can not avoid the approaching storm

Dark is the scream, the eek , the fear

The uncanny massacre

Obliterating our oblivion

Savage and morbid

Disturbing the putrification of the secretor

So this ode is done

But always remember that horror is nearer


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