The Darkness: An Arcane Poem (2018)

The Darkness came like black tendrils of the night

Slithering and creeping straight out of a nightmare

He came for her with his macabre smile

“Come over here my dear and sit with me awhile”

“But you scare me to death,” she said with great care

For a coldness had entered her bones

Just not from the air

It was a warm summers night

But how to stay warm when you’re filled with such fright?

“There is nothing to fear.” he said with some glee

“I can be your friend there’s no need to flee”

“What do you want she asked with trepidation?”

“Just your soul,” he said

“So that I may grow my great nation”

“My soul!” she screamed with much terror

“Yes your soul, did I speak with some error?”

“To do what with? I need it to live”

“Not really he said, its easy to give”

“What nation do you speak of”

Her eyes starting to loll

“No business of yours so dont try to be bold”

She tried to run, anything to get away

But the Darkness surrounded her

Capturing his prey

And  as he took her soul from her quivering form

He laughed out loud and finished his swarm

“One day they will all be mine” they will all finally know

“That I keep what I take and I reap what I sow.”

Poem 8/5/18







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