Kayla Stojek Interview (2018)

This woman is the COOLEST shoe designer in not only the horror world but maybe the whole world. I fell in love with Kaylas designs immediately and I think you will to, so I wanted to do a quick interview with the beautiful lady and show you some of her designs. The featured image above is from the new Halloween collection. They are called the Mortuary and they are the most gorgeous haunted house shoes that actually light up! I want to thank Kayla so much for taking time out of her busy schedule for this and also get you guys the link to her Etsy store


So onto my questions:

  1. Kayla, what were your inspirations for the new Halloween collection?  ~I find heavy inspiration through film. 70s horror is my favorite, so I knew I needed to showcase a pair from that decade, that’s where the Carrie came into play. The Mortuary concept has been on my mind for several years. I’m fascinated with old decrepit buildings and cemeteries, so the design came together quickly. The remaining pieces were inspired by my general love for all things Halloween and some feedback from my clients and followers. Since our Wednesday design everyone has been longing for a Morticia.
  2. How do you choose the images for all of your designs?  ~For the most part I create and edit all of the media content for our listings and social media. I don’t have a background in photography, so I tend to just pick the photos that mimic the lighting and background of the vision I have in my mind for each pair. We like to choose gritty, textured, raw places to shoot the shoes.
  3. You used to be in roller derby, how did you get into that and did you enjoy it?  ~My roller derby experience was fairly short-lived. I was injured very early on, but what I remember and loved the most was all of the amazing women I met. I’m still close with a few of them today, and of course those stories are on a need to know basis, haha.
  4. Any new fun clients? I know a lot of celebrities loves your work! ~ALWAYS! Just when I feel like we’ve reached the most innovative client with an extreme request, there’s another waiting for me. One who comes to mind immediately is my client David who does an insane drag Deadpool character. We’re working on some intense “Dragpool” boots for him now.
  5. Do you ever do runway shoes? They would be fantastic! ~Yes! Not as often as I would like, but when I first began making shoes I participated in a show called TLR. It’s a production out of Lubbock, Texas with a ton of talented people involved. Early next year we’ll be in another show in Austin.
  6. Love that you do so many great men’s boots also.  ~Definitely! We receive custom commissions for men’s items often. I knew I wanted to include a pair for the guys in this Halloween collection, and the “Exploited” design fit that vision for me.


  7. Do you do other designs besides shoes, boots, and hats? Like toys or jewelry?  ~In the beginning I dabbled in a bit of everything. We have a few long time clients who will add accessories in the mix every now and then. We’re working on a crystal encrusted rosary/crucifix at the moment.
  8. Where do you get your hat inspirations?  ~I love the space that a hat offers for the design, there is so much room to work with. The logistics of walking on the piece isn’t there, so that’s an added bonus. I would love to make an entire series of horror hats based on my favorite films, I think that would draw the most inspiration.
  9. What do you have in store for future designs? ~I have some projects on the back burner that I’m excited to dive into for 2019. One is a collaboration with Hades footwear that we’re really excited about. This Halloween Collection received such a positive response that it will definitely be an annual showcase to look forward to.
  10. What do you want the world to know about you and your absolutely amazing designs?  ~What many don’t know is the time and manpower that makes this business operate. I worked solo for a few years, and now we have a full team of ladies devoting their time. My sisters Kyndra and Brooke, along with a good friend Chellsie work endless hours making sure each piece is as perfect as possible. My husband Zac, who has a separate career, uses what little free time he has to pitch in with extreme projects. I’m eternally grateful to have them with me, and I would like for people to know how much love and hard work is put into every item.
  11. .Any personal mantra?  ~I don’t think I have a formal mantra, but I do believe in putting as much good out into the world as possible. Whether it’s through weird/extreme art or other means, making a contribution is important. Gratitude is everything.

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