Tra Cee Horror Hostess Extraordinaire.(2018) Interview

Tra Cee is a singer, songwriter, COO of Terror Records Inc. and owner and hostess of the amazing SCRM Radio. Rarely do you get to interview someone whose answers mirror your own in so many ways, but I actually got that fortune. I have known Tra Cee from our Twitter #horror family for awhile now and she is a true joy to converse with so I wanted her to be my next interview here at On Twitter she can be found at @TraCee_tr and the fantastic SCRM Radio can be also found on Twitter at @SCRMRadio and the link to listen into some of the most amazing people in horror is at So please read on to some fabulous answers to my following questions.

Tra Cee you are a singer, songwriter, COO of Terror Records Inc., SCRM radio, and raising 3 daughters-how do you find the time?

~That’s easy – I don’t sleep, lol. In all honesty though, it is challenging. I am finding myself having to really schedule my time. I never thought that SCRM Radio would take off like it did. And while I don’t have hundreds of thousands of monthly listeners (yet), it appears that there is a niche for what I provide, and I am happy about that. Add to that my music (I’m releasing a new song this fall and I am going to London to shoot two videos next year), my record label and my girls – plus my full time job – time management is going to be the way I stay sane!

Why the horror genre?  ~

I love horror, I have ever since I read the spine, then the back and then the introductory excerpt of a John Saul book – Suffer The Children. After that I saw my first real horror movie – Night of the Living Dead – and from then on I was hooked. I won’t lie, during those years, when I was discovering both my love of horror, the authors who so eloquently put my fears into print and seeing it acted out on the big screen, my life mirrored some of the things I read and saw. So, seeing the bad guy get dispatched onscreen, seeing good triumph over evil (sometimes) and feeling like I was not alone in what I was going through, helped me make it through some tough years in foster care.


What are some of your favorite, movies, TV shows, musicians and authors?

~ That’s hard, there are so many!!!!!

Okay, let’s start with movies:
Thir13en Ghosts (original and remake, though I like the remake more)
NOES – because Freddy!
Halloween (all of them, even the bad ones, lol. Because, Michael)
I Saw The Devil – though not categorized as horror, I feel it was a horror/thriller
Train to Busan
Lost Boys
Fright Night
The Exorcist
Pet Cemetery
Cujo…gosh, there are too many to mention!

Sleepy Hollow
The Exorcist
Bates Motel…just to name a few

John Carpenter – his scores are amazing!
In This Moment (more goth, but she rocks!)
Shakespeare’s Sister (90’s goodness)
Marilyn Manson – is he really horror? I like him though 🙂

Stephen King
John Saul
Dean Koontz
Anne Rice
Daphne du Maurier
Shirley Jackson
Mary Shelley
V.C. Andrews
Octavia Butler
Clive Barker
Tamara Thorne
Alistair Cross
Kealan Burke – so many more!


I know you are a wine person like I am, what are some of your favorites?

~? Fave wines and best music/ horror pairings? I love wine, though I am not rich enough to be an expert!! Lol. Red wine gets me in trouble, but white wine is what I love when reading a good book! My favorite has to be Prosecco when watching a good horror movie, followed by Moscato when listening to music.

What do you want people to know about you?

~That I’m not a witch or serial killer – I’ve been accused of being both, so I just want to set the record straight (laughs). In all seriousness, I just want people to know that I love what I do. I love this genre, and the people I’ve met in the horror community are more like family than friends. Also, I love to write and sing, so if you have time, please be sure to check me out. My music is everywhere music can be bought or streamed. My girls love horror too, so it is indeed a family affair over here! Also, I love bacon, green olives, cheese and cheesecake – so if anyone who reads this feels led to send a care package… 🙂


Why should people listen to SCRM Radio?

~Because it is horror theater. Much like buying and listening to a book through audible, it is a way to hear some awesome horror stories, and being able to move around and work while you do so. You don’t have to be stuck in front of your TV or computer screen to get your horror fix. Bonus: there are some really talented people on my station bringing you these awesome narrations. If you tune in, you won’t regret it.

What are you promoting right now?

~Besides SCRM Radio, my music is what I would like for people to check out, and support. My song that is on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and anywhere you can find music to stream or download is Favorite Song – by TraCee ft. Da General. The official video is on YouTube, and as I wrote earlier, I will be releasing my next single and video this fall, as well as two new songs and videos next year.

I want to thank Tra Cee so much for taking the time to answer my questions and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I can not recommend SCRM Radio highly enough or her wonderous music, so I am including some links below so you too can have as much fun with Tra Cee as I have!





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