I Love a Good Storm ~Poem (2018)

On a murky and tumultuous evening

With a roaring fire crackling

The thunder and lightening

Which so many find frightening

Seem to soothe me and almost behoove me

To dance in the dark and smell the sweet rain

But so many bolts of lightening

In a night sky the with shades of grey

Seem to reach for me to light my way

My heart beats along with the sound of the rain

Drip drop, tick tock

Loud enough to make my heart stop

Brought back again by the sounds of

Owls hooting and screeching

Wolves playing and barking

Winds whipping and howling

A symphony not a cacophony 

Making music sweet enough to wake the dead

Or scare them back into their beds

I love a good storm

The power, the chance

Calling me out  to play and to dance


Poem 8/22/18



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