A Visit From Eros: Poem (2018)

Why hello Love, Eros himself

Wont you come in and sit for awhile?

May I offer you a libation?

Some wine for seduction?

Maybe some champagne for celebration?

A tequila shot or two for regret?

Some water just to stay wet?

A little whiskey for courage?

A bit of milk to stay nourished?

An espresso to stay awake?

Or some gin to help to escape?

So Love why have you come?

Did the Lord of Chaos send you?

Or Aphrodite to attend me?

Wreaking havoc on my mind

Hoping there is enough time

 But I wont miss a beat

For you seem more like Ate´

Your sister of mischief

Trying to fool me and to lure me

Into a fate too brief

Perhaps I should send you on your way

And wait again for another day

When I have time to care

And love to share

When I find your visit more sweet

Poem 8/30/18

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